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Protect your email inboxes from malicious BEC scams

Email security is a complicated matter, and there is no silver bullet to protect an organisation from the phishing threat. Phishing is a technology and human problem that must be addressed by a combination of anti-phishing technology, brand monitoring services, threat-intelligence services, staff phishing simulations, and phishing awareness training.

CEO email frauds, executives inboxes are compromised with emails containing malicious links, designed to mine company data.

Top Subject lines in BEC scam Emails:
Payment, Request, Urgen, Attention, Important, Tax Info, Wire/Transfer and Greetings.

Top Attachment File Names in BEC scam Emails:
Purchase order, Payment, Invoice, Slip, Receipt, Bill, Advice, and Transfer.


Here are some tips to help avoid BEC attacks:

• Remove any sensitive online disclosures like work emails and phone numbers.
• Marketing/Finance departments should use a unique Email ID rather than using a generic email.
• Implement policies and procedures to handle emails requesting sensitive identifiable information.
• Educate organization people about BEC attacks.
• Use two-factor authentication to authorise transactions. This helps to detect the potential scam.

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