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Streamline the procurement cycle, improve inventory management and reduce operational costs.

Our web-based MAMS Procurement Platform is designed to manage the full purchasing cycle right from requisitions on-board your fleet, to invoices and payments in offices. The platform provides unified management of vessel procurement and inventory control activities to deliver an efficient, cost-effective and compliant procurement process.


With our ready-to-use procurement platform, we offer:

  • Direct RFQ email for selected suppliers
  • Tender processing
  • Real-time online quotations
  • Quotes comparison and approvals
  • Purchase orders and invoicing
  • Budget creation and cost monitoring
  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Inbuilt tracking and business intelligence tools for key analysis.

In addition we offer outsourced procurement services to manage any aspects of purchasing where your in-house staff need support or expertise.

Download our latest datasheet for more information.

Procurement Module Datasheet


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