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Tanker Management Self-Assessment

Help with preparing the 13 elements of the Tanker Management Self-Assessment

Our integrated software and consultancy services provide tailored solutions for meeting the personnel, safety, maintenance, document management and environmental elements of preparing the TMSA.

We can support the 13 elements of TMSA at your organization:

Leadership and safety management

Recruitment and management of shore-based personnel

Recruitment, management and wellbeing of vessel

Vessel reliability and maintenance including critical equipment

Navigational safety

Cargo, ballast, tank cleaning, bunkering, mooring, and anchoring operations

Management of change

Incident reporting, investigation, and analysis

Environmental and energy management

Emergency preparedness and contingency planning

Measurement, analysis, and improvement

Maritime security

Safety management

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Talk to us about your TMSA issues. Our consultants offer a free requirements gathering session to understand your challenges and to provide you with a full proposal on how SDSD’s products and services can be combined to complete your TMSA efficiently.

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