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About us

SDSD - Tailored Softwares, Apps and Professional Services for Shipping Industry

Our development team has over 30 years maritime domain experience, and a proven track record working with shipping companies worldwide to create innovative new solutions, enhance legacy systems, manage and deploy projects.

Our portfolio of customisable software includes cloud-based fleet management software offering owners, operators and managers integrated PMS, Procurement, Crew and QHSE modules. We support shipbroking and chartering professionals with productivity platforms, charter party editor, and specialist group email software.

We offer resource-based services to support organisations with the key staff they need for short and long-term projects including outsourcing for IT, development and procurement.

Our teams are based in UK, Denmark, Greece, Bulgaria, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, UAE and Nigeria. Our projects are backed up by professional project management, implementation, testing, on-site and remote training and 24/7 global support, ensuring smooth deployment and ongoing satisfaction across office staff, crew and vessels.

We help improve workflow productivity & reduce costs

Our platforms include fleet and asset management, shipbroking and chartering. Each can be tailored to your needs and integrated with third-party software to provide a unique platform.

Our solutions can be tailored to your precise needs. We provide bespoke integrations and plugins to adapt and improve your company workflow.

Our consultants and developers bring expertise to your internal teams via outsourced development, marine data analysis, compliance consultancy, and database building services.

Our pool of marine engineers and maritime IT professionals can be contracted on a short term basis, to help and supervise projects on your company’s behalf.

SDSD - Customer Services

If you’d like to book a call back from one of our consultants please click the “Book a Demo” button below.


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