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Safety Management

Manage safety and ensure compliance with statutory and industry standards including TMSA, ISM Code, ISPS code, ISO 9000 and ISO 1400.

MAMS Safety Management module is a comprehensive tool which enables vessel operators to manage safety, reduce risk, prevent human injury or loss of life, learn and share company safety policies and best practices.

  • Record accidents, near misses and follow up action
  • Manage and monitor bunker consumption and emission
  • Schedule on-board safety drills
  • Inspection reporting and follow ups
  • Identify hazards in every operation on the vessel
  • Report and analyse vessel activities and actions
  • Prevent the possibility of an accident
  • Built-in proactive alerts and fleet wide dashboard for informed decision making

We offer a system that is already in compliance with TMSA, ISM Code, ISPS Code, ISO 9000, and ISO 14000. You can choose our QHSE module setups, which includes Safety Management, Risk Assessment, and Environment Management, according to your needs in safety compliance.

Download our latest datasheet for more information.

Safety Management Module Datasheet
Inventory of Hazardous Materials


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