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How could the recent ransomware attack impact your company?

High-profile cyber attacks on companies have raised awareness of the growing threat of cybercrime. The shipping industry faced increased cybersecurity threats in 2020. As the IMO requirement for cyber risk planning within the Safety Management System is now in place.

We advise that you take precautionary actions against the system occurrences or damages caused by CLOP, a type of Ransome that runs on Microsoft Windows that can terminate processes on Windows 10 apps, popular text editors, debuggers, programming languages, terminal programs, and programming IDE software. It targets the full network of a system.

Most of these attacks are avoidable if companies follow the below-specified steps set out for the protection against cyber attacks:

• Having reputed antivirus/antispyware software active.
• Taking care of Emails and attachments.
• Run MalwarebytesRun Malwarebytes for windows to automatically eliminate the ransomware if the system is already infected by CLOP.
• Having a strong endpoint security solution.
• Training employees in cybersecurity principles.
• Close attention while browsing. downloading, or installing any

In addition, click here to view our advisory update. Please read the mitigation and response section carefully to help create a custom cybersecurity plan for your company.

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