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Commercial Operations


Customisable commercial
operations software

The Commercial Operations Modules offer an integrated suite of software tools providing detailed visibility of all aspects of voyage operation variables including vessel performance, operation expenses, bunker inventories and cargo data.

The modules’ comprehensive reporting and analysis tools accurately measure and manage the entire operational performance and P&L of the voyage lifecycle – helping operational teams to target areas that require immediate improvement and make the right decisions based to improve profitability.

Find out more about the Commercial Operations System below.

The software offers you:

Low lifecycle cost – upgrades and training included

Easy to use interface and workflow

Customisable development for integrations, new features and apps

Built-in smart data intelligence dashboards for reporting and analysis

Experienced project managers working directly with you

No hassle data migration – modules ready to use from day one

24/7 support

Professional deployment and training

Accessible via smartphones, tablets and PCs

Voyage Estimation

Vessel’s particulars, cargo and counter-parties library

Automatic distance calculations with breakdown of ECA/non-ECA zones with bunkers consumed

Bunker expenses calculator with ROB and new replenishment, Bunker requirement notification

Cargo intake (Volume based)

Port stay duration calculator – users can input Demurrage/Dispatch values at each port

Calculating – Total voyage duration, Gross and Net Income, Gross and Net TCE

Commercial Operations

Once the voyage is fixed the VE data entered (vessel, cargo, loading/discharging rates, freight rates, commissions, port costs) is automatically transferred to the VO module and used as a “base” for the execution of the voyage.

Voyage execution follow-up

User updates Port Expenses with Actual expenses (Proforma and Final Disbursement Accounts)

Actual cargo intake

Actual bunker

Vessel’s itinerary updates – arrival/departure time

Vessel port itinerary updates – port stay – simplified laytime module allowing the user to estimate and have preliminary laytime PNL provision

Daily PNL Delta and snapshots for comparisons

Final Voyage result with analysis/identification on reasons for profit/loss

Customisable to your unique workflow

The software’s flexible design enables SDSD to integrate with in-house or third-party software including trading, invoicing and financials to create a fully bespoke solution.

Proactive alerts

The software automatically alerts users to tasks and pending items keeping workflow on track, ensuring payments are not missed.

Access to operational performance insights from anywhere

The software is cloud-based and connects users to the data they need from any device.

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