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IHM Maintenance Software

IHM Maintenance Software

Our IHM Maintenance Software keeps your ‘IHM Certificate’ up to date and ready for inspection by any Class/state representative, for review and proof as part of a vessel change of owner, flag or name; or as part of final dismantling in compliance with Parts II and III of the IHM process.
The IHM Maintenance Module links directly with your suppliers and procurement process via an easy to use the cloud-based portal. If a Material Declaration shows an item containing hazmat is above the accepted threshold, the data is automatically tagged and captured in the IHM Maintenance Module, along with the original PO, Items Certificate, SDoC, MD and the location on board and the location used.

The easy to use dashboard provides comprehensive reporting and tracking of documentation for all hazardous items onboard, and downloadable reports for inspections.

API integration with ANY third party PMS & procurement software

Compatible with ANY approved IHM Certificate from any Class Society

Intuitive portal with logical workflow from procurement, supplier and hazmat person responsible

Compliance documents and material declarations automatically tagged when hazmat present above threshold

Easy to download reports for sharing with Class/State representatives

Cloud based – available across all devices

Proactive alerts ensure that vital documentation is not missed

Our software is flexible and is ready to use or can be tailored to meet your business needs and unique workflow.

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Ensure your vessels are IHM compliant

All EU registered and all EU visiting ships above 500GT must have a certified Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) on board. Our certified consultants provide IHM for vessels anywhere in the world, in line with Class Society requirements. Our team can handle IHM for both new and existing vessels.

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