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Documents & Forms

Synchronised management for documents, ISM manuals and circulars to improve productivity.

The MAMS Document Management module enables managers to organize and manage their documents, including company ISM manuals, circulars and related documents. With the innovative Forms Management module, you can replace traditional paper-based forms and checklists filed by ship staff for a true paperless system.

  • Company ISM Manuals can be categorised by different documents and chapters
  • Documents easily created in an electronic format with an approvals process
  • Data synchronisation between office and ship
  • Ability to make documents read-only to the vessels with acknowledgement option
  • MAMS enables office staff to review and edit controlled manuals
  • Manuals revision and revision history management
  • Company circulars uploaded per category and sent to the fleet
  • Comprehensive search facility

Additionally, we can create customised document management applications to fix gaps and inefficiencies in your existing systems to ensure they meet your current needs.

Download our latest datasheet for more information.

Document Module Datasheet

Forms Module Datasheet


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