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Software Project Rescue

Regain control of your software development project with our project recovery and rescue expertise. The process of bringing a project back on track while having as minimal of an impact as possible on the current project budget and schedule is known as software project rescue. If your existing provider has failed to handle the project’s schedule, quality, or budget causing it to fail, we can step in and help you gain total control.

How do you know if your software
project requires rescue?

We have built a solid reputation for producing quality mobile app development projects that can veer off course. They can easily become out of control if they are not properly planned and controlled. Costs go up, updates are delayed, features are missed, and the end product has flaws.

The following are some of the most typical reasons for contacting a project rescue service:

Delays caused by an ever-growing list of requirements

Developers going out of business mid-project

Poor software quality brought on by lack of technology testing

Your release is behind schedule

Project is not fit for the purpose anymore

Project grew too complex for the internal staff to handle

Project grew too complex for the internal staff to handle

Communication gap between the dev team and client

Burning through the budget and failure to meet the deadline

Project insecurity

What we do

First and foremost, we examine the existing state of your crucial project as well as the planned conclusion. Then, we design a rescue strategy that may include:


Determine the root causes of the project's failures.

Identify the non-functional parts.

Examine the technical needs of the project.

Re-evaluate the project plans and timeline.

Redefine project objectives and create a new action plan.


Set up the project management and development processes to ensure maximum productivity.

Complete any outstanding or overdue tasks.

Assign dedicated developers and testers to work solely on the projects.

Debug the code and optimize slow databases.

Upgrade old systems developed in archaic programming languages.


Create new features and implement new technology.

Improve and automate the information flow between developers and clients.

Work with your team to develop a set of processes and practices that will keep your project safe.

Implement client requirements on time and deliver successful, high-quality solutions.

The software project rescue team will divide your project into modules and deliver them on a regular basis based on a predetermined timeline. You may be confident that our skilled project management team will complete your project on time and within budget, meeting all deadlines to get you back on track as quickly as possible.