Vessel Tracking and Monitoring

Vessel tracking and monitoring with MAMS

Monitor the position, performance and additional environmental risk factors of just one or a number of vessels with an optimised combination of satellite and terrestrial AIS. The MAMS fleet management software is integrated with the BigOceanData vessel tracking, management and port monitoring system by Globavista, a leader in the vessel tracking sector with over twenty years’ experience in specialist tracking and asset management solutions.

No hidden charges for Satellite AIS data

Terrestrial and satellite AIS data for all users, regardless of fleet size

Tariffs to suit all fleet sizes

Pay only for the exact number of vessels in your fleet

‘In Vicinity’ allows flexible querying of events

Feature for individual vessels, weather events or piracy activity

Single, high accuracy vessel plot information

Fusing multiple sources of vessel AIS data combined with other on-board tracking devices

Sophisticated integration of maps and charts

Maximum situational awareness for vessels and ports combining Google and C-Maps

Least-risk routing capability

In support of maritime security and anti-piracy applications

12 months data held online for immediate access

Also up to 4 years of data available offline for historical analysis purposes

5-day weather forecast

Available anywhere in the world with a single click

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