Vessel digital infrastructure and telecoms

Setel is a leading reseller of voice and data services for Shipping and related services, such as Oil & Gas. Setel services are used in the main ship broking houses in London and their mobile and satellite solutions have been deployed all over the world.

Setel work with the best of breed suppliers and partners around the world so that clients can be assured of the same quality they would expect from brands such as British Telecom, Vodafone, Deutsche Telecom, Inmarsat and AT&T yet with a central localised and dedicated account management team that handle all aspects of the relationship.

Setel services include: Land and maritime satellite (including: fleet broadband, VSAT, iSAT phone pro 2, Iridium Extreme), business calls, line rental, data, hosted telephony and business mobile.

Industrial Grade Powerline Solution

With an ever increasing requirement to deliver Wi-Fi/Internet connectivity, CCTV security footage and anti-piracy solutions to the maritime sector, Setel PowerLine’s INDUSTRIAL GRADE version of Power Line Communication (PLC) technology emerges as the most flexible and cost effective medium on which to deliver them.

Setel PowerLine networks are designed to overcome the typical problems encountered when trying to deploy traditional structured cabling. The PowerLine solution is a technology which makes use of the existing electrical infrastructure to act as a “data highway” to deliver a digital network without the need to lay new data cables.

Setel help maritime customers and partners realise the true potential of IP connectivity, removing the usual cost and associated downtime associated with cabled marine installations by bypassing the need for any major work to on board structures requiring watertight/fireproof integrity.