Matrix Group Email

SDSD have provided messaging software to ship brokers and commodity traders since 1983. Our software is used by leading brokers as well as smaller clients globally to improve productivity and collaborative working across groups. Matrix 7 is the latest and most sophisticated version yet of our messaging software.

High volume messaging

  • Integrated high volume secure email and fax handling
  • Simple or Classic User Interface – to ensure the right user experience
  • Full integration available with S&P, Chartering, Offshore and Fixtures modules


collaborative working

Collaborative working

  • Matrix allows groups, teams and departments to work collaboratively to increase productivity
  • ‘Rules’ are applied to incoming and outgoing messages ensuring that the right workgroups and individuals ‘view’ each message
  • Messages can be tagged and notes added


searchPowerful search

  • Fully customizable and intuitive search and retrieval options
  • Enables fast and extensive data interrogation
  • Keyword and detailed searches available


Proactive message filtering

  • Proactive and fast message filtering
  • System flags up and automatically retrieves emails and faxes relevant to a specific fixture
  • Enables users to prioritise vital revenue generating commercial messages


International languages

  • All world languages and character alphabets can be used
  • Matrix data storage is completely based on Unicode characters



remoteRemote collaboration

  • With ‘MatrixGo’ users can access messages while on the move
  • All messages marked as read on your smartphone/tablet will appear as read on the Matrix client as well




  • Matrix can integrate with Outlook, enabling users to copy messages and contracts between both systems
  • Matrix is designed to extend and integrate with third party and bespoke software including SAP

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