MAMS Voyage Monitoring

Plan, control and monitor voyage activities


The Voyage Monitoring module is a comprehensive tool to effectively plan the Voyage and keep track of voyage details, consumption details, ballast and environmental details.

System provides following options:

  • Planning Voyage Activities
  • Record of Arrival, Departure & Noon reports
  • Tracking actual voyage execution and process
  • Maintaining historical voyage activity records
  • Daily reporting back to on-shore office
  • Monitoring operational efficiency
  • Monitoring events that affect operational efficiency
  • Integrated with ship inventory which provides ROB info of all the oils on board and oil consumption history
  • Detailed reports for Consumption of fuels, oils, water etc.
  • Exact location of the vessel is indicated in Google maps based on the latest noon message info

Built in dashboards, charts and reports help end users analyze voyage efficiencies.

Users can monitor all aspects of the voyage activities and reporting via their Smartphones or tablets.

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