MAMS Planned Maintenance System

Proactive maintenance for efficiency and improved operational costs with MAMS


The Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is fully integrated with Machinery, Inventory, Maintenance Jobs and Surveys, and provides comprehensive fleet wide maintenance status.

MAMS Planned Maintenance System key features include:

  • Auto-alerts covering a variety of maintenance related processes
  • Flexible maintenance scheduler and completion history reports
  • Machinery, spares and other inventory infoBV 180x180
  • Inventory management-ROB, consumptions monitoring
  • Breakdown defects tracking with follow-up
  • Class survey and vessel certificate monitoring
  • Inspections (ISM, SIRE, Technical Superintendent ) and follow-up
  • Condition monitoring and performance analysis
  • Designed with fleet wise dashboard and comprehensive reports for informed decision making
  • The Planned Maintenance system is certified by Bureau Veritas.

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