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Inventory of Hazardous Materials

Ensure your vessels are IHM compliant by 2020

All EU registered and all EU visiting ships above 500GT must have a certified Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) on board by the end of 2020. Our certified consultants provide IHM for vessels anywhere in the world, in line with Class Society requirements. Our team can handle IHM for both new and existing vessels.


Our competitively priced service includes:

On-board visual inspection and sampling check

Collected samples sent for laboratory analysis

IHM prepared by our trained and certified personnel

Follow-ups with Class for on-board verification survey

Ensuring SOC issued by Class upon satisfaction

Submission of reports to Class Office and request for Statement of Compliance (SOC)

IHM maintenance software to document conformity for the full lifecycle of the ship via an easy to use dashboard

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IHM Maintenance Software

Our IHM Maintenance software provides a reliable and cost-effective way to keep your fleet-wide Inventories of Hazardous Materials up to date.
Once your existing IHM from any Class Society or supplier is uploaded to the database by our experienced data entry team, your crew or office can enter documents of compliance from suppliers, certificates, images, etc, whenever a potentially hazardous material is brought on-board throughout the entire life cycle of your vessel – ensuring the IHM is accurate and ready for inspection.

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