Trade on the move with VSnP

VSnP from SDSD – next generation sale and purchase application

Search and share vessel and commercial data directly via smartphones, tablets and PCs anytime, anywhere.

The new Vessel Sale and Purchase (VSnP) application combines our 30 years’ experience in developing S&P brokerage platforms with the latest technologies giving you the flexibility and convenience of an intuitive tool for your daily S&P tasks.

Major VSnP features include:

    • Online Vessel Database: Search, retrieve and display accurate and detailed vessel descriptions, commercial history and trading status
  • Quick entry: SnP Enquiries matching vessels in the user’s or IHS data, Commercial Advices, Sales and Valuations
  • User defined Detailed Search with unmatched flexibility
  • Enquiries, sales logs and statistics
  • Easy to generate reports from user’s database
  • Vessels value statistics, reports and latest market information
  • Incorporate CPE and Sale Forms
  • Messaging Integration
  • Whiteboard: exchange information between individuals, teams and inter-company communication.
  • Simple, professional and user friendly interface   

VSnP Datasheet