Vessel IT Services


SDSD Esquire have provided IT and technical services to maritime clients for over 20 years. Our experienced team of IT and network engineers manage hardware changes and installations both port-side and on vessels, backed by 24/7 Support. We work with our clients to procure, install and maintain IT systems and services; delivering cost savings to clients every time.

    Vessel Based Services
> Installations and configuration of Server, PCs,                                                                             
  Win Update, Antivirus, all printers on Server Backup, MS operating system, antivirus
> Security access levels
> Configuration of remote connections from the office
> Cabling
> Software support of any attached peripherals i.e. modems
    Network Support
> Supporting the configuration of your network routers/                                                                  
  switches/firewall, etc. 
> Fault diagnosis of all network hardware, including cabling and 

network cards of servers and workstations
> 24/7 monitoring of network server/broadband/leased line/internet connection
    Office Based Services
> Support of workstation Operating Systems (Microsoft)                                                                
> Fault diagnosis of all hardware included in the customer’s schedule
> Comprehensive on-site health check of all equipment listed in the customer schedule
> Quarterly comprehensive on-site health check of your server
  Security & Surveillance
> Install and configure of Network cameras and CCTV 
  Sales of Servers, computers (HP & Dell) and peripherals


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