Maritime HR

SDSD-Esquire HRM is a Web based human resource management system, which can be used by medium sized organisations. It is made up of a number of modules.

Human Resource Management
This is an employee data repository accessible to both HR Managers & individual employees. Features include employee strength counter, dynamic letter template creation, auto alert mgmt, export to excel & PDF, attrition report.

E-LEAVE Module
An online employee leave management system, where employees apply for leave and get approval from line managers through the web. It keeps track of entitled, consumed, remaining and carried forward leave automatically. Many other features include, leave calendar and consolidated and individual leave reports.

Individual and departmental KPI’s can be dynamically assigned, edited and deleted. The system follows an appraisal continuity process from self appraisal through to the the employee accepting the appraisal scores given by the manager. Final appraisal reports (both individual and department wise) can be viewed as a document or graphical view.

An online test system where questions can be created dynamically and assigned to examinees. Assigned test timings and number of questions can be set while assigning a test to an examinee, by an examiner. The online test timer measures and ends the test after the assigned time.

Simple document management where HR policies and procedures are kept. It is web based and can be accessed depending upon access privileges. The Admin user can add/edit/delete documents, while the general user can only view, save as PDF & take print outs