KARCO 3D animated marine safety videos were launched in 2007 and currently being used on thousands of vessels worldwide for safety and operational improvement.



specialises in voyage estimation, investment decision making, chartering and commercial ship operating software.



SDSD are pleased to offer the CargoSpotter real-time analysis service, directly to our clients.

It’s easy, it’s intuitive, it’s on the web, there’s nothing to install.

CargoSpotter allows you to extract vessel and cargo positions immediately from all of your emails. It automatically monitors and alerts you about new information. Main features are:

  • Consolidating duplicate positions into one
  • Scenarios for sharing information across the enterprise
  • Advanced Filtering options
  • Market Indicator showing Vessels vs. Cargoes in a scenario
  • Position Notes for enterprise wide communications
  • Notification feature keeping you updated on your scenarios
  • Funnel for input from MSN, YAHOO, etc. and direct input
  • Export selectable columns of your choice to spreadsheet, e-mail, print etc.



Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. Around the world, companies of every size benefit from VMware virtualization, that's why SDSD have partnered with VMware the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure.


Data Recovery and Back-Up

Keeping your business up and running all the time is vital. We have partnered with a number of high quality Data Services specialists who you can rely on to ensure your systems are running 24/7.



SDSD have partnered with Setel and Plain Sailing Communications to supply you with quality solutions in the area of telecommunications.



Datafeeds and Insight

Quality data is a “must” for every organisation, that's why we have partnered with IHS Fairplay for many years - the leading industry source for maritime information and insight.


Escrow Solutions Agents

We understand how vital our software solutions are to the day to day productivity of your company, therefore we have partnered with Escrow Agents Software Escrow Solutions (SES) UK to ensure that clients are protected should unforeseen events impact SDSD.

As part of the agreement a number of 'trigger events' are defined, and should one or more of these events occur then the agent may hand over the Source Code to the client.Escrow is an arrangement in which SDSD would provide our Source Code to SES UK as a trusted third party partner.

Contact our Sales Team on +44 20 3588 6740 for more information.